YOLO (you only live once)

YOLO (you only live once)
During the spring holiday, I talked to my friend called Amber who lives in this country on email.  We talked about our future and what we would become in the future.  She said to me she actually had no exact plan or vision of her life. Neither did I. I have a lot of things that I want to do.  But I have no courage to decide to carry out.  Then she said “YOLO”.  I couldn’t understand what she said.  I asked her what it meant.  She told me it was an English slang word meaning “you only live once”.  We don’t have the switch to reset our life.
I thought what a simple and nice word the “YOLO” was.  Everyone must know we have only one life and can’t live again.  But it’s difficult to bear it in mind all the time.
When I was studying with a world map, I had a simple question in my mind; why are the borderlines of Africa so straight?  I thought it was strange.  After I searched for the answer for that, I found out that people in those countries had to obey people from Europe, which means a lot of ethnic groups were forced to divide.  That made conflicts, which could have avoided.  If developed countries at the time had not divided the continent like Africa for their benefit, they would have continued to live with their tradition in peace.  I wondered why some people had to obey someone who had power.  It seems to me that a lot of people consider developed countries with advanced technology and new products are good and comfortable world. However, I would like to ask them if this idea is absolutely right.
 Since I was little, I have had an ambition.  I want to change the world.  It sounds like a very big thing.  But I want to do anything I could do. I always have had a simple question in my mind since I was young;  Why cannot we live peacefully together?    Once I learned some sociologists said that if we will continue to make all countries convenient like developed countries, they all will become the same place, which means they will lose their originality and tradition of the countries as a result.  I strongly agree with this statement.  It is a good thing to help them improve their lives.  But it is not good to push someone’s opinion to other people. We should respect each other.
Therefore, I want to learn about lots of countries and cultures. I think it is not enough to learn from books.  So I want to visit and study in a lot of foreign countries to find the way that all of us can live in peace.
I now know that is what I want to do and my “dream”.
I am afraid that it might be too ambitious and difficult to realize.  If I tell other people about my “dream”,  they will say that is unattainable.  But, “YOLO”: I can only live once.  I think it is no use to hesitate! It is my life.  I have to be responsible for my life.
I want to change the world. I know my power might be tiny and have no big effect. But I want to be someone’s help.  I want to learn, understand and become friends with many people living in foreign countries!
I would not lend my ear to someone who tries to puts me down and let me give up my dream.
I will keep studying hard for my dream
Because life is short, “YOLO”.
(高等部3年生 女子)