Rikkyo School was founded in 1972. It is situated in extensive beautifully landscaped grounds on a wooded hilltop in Sussex, commanding magnificent views over the surrounding countryside. Rikkyo School is perhaps the oldest Japanese boarding school in Europe.



When the School first opened there were only 19 Primary students. Classrooms, dormitories, dining room, chapel and staff room were all accommodated in the magnificent Pallinghurst House, built in 1902 by a banking family. The Middle School was inaugurated in 1973. Following the approval by the Japanese Ministry of Education as an overseas school in 1975, the School was able to inaugurate the High School which enabled Rikkyo to educate students from 10 years to 18 years old. Thus it was that a modern co-educational boarding school for Japanese children came into being. The School has grown steadily through the years and many facilities have been added.


This is based on the Japanese National Curriculum. In addition, students all follow a GCSE Science course, studying Chemistry, Physics and Biology. In the English Communication lessons students are focusing on speaking and listening, and have a number of opportunities to communicate with local English students and local people.


A basic knowledge of the Sciences in the English language is an asset for any ambitious young person. The School prides itself that it is able to offer a two-year course of study in English leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education in Biology and Chemistry. Students start on the course on entry into year 3 of Middle School. Assessment is by written examination at the end of the course and by practical assignments during the course.

EC (English Communication)

The numbers in the English classes are small, which has proved beneficial in language learning. The students have four lessons a week with qualified native teachers. The aim of these lessons is to enable all students to develop to their full potential their skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading in a hard working and pleasant atmosphere.

Every term all students have the opportunity to visit local towns with many shops and facilities. It gives the pupils the chance to put their English into action and to speak to residents and shoppers in the towns.They carry out a mini survey and ask passers-by about their reason for their trip to the town and how they travelled there that day.

TERM DATES 2024-25

  • 1st term starts on 14 Apr 2024
  • Half term starts on 25 May 2024
  • Half term ends on 2 Jun 2024
  • 1st term ends on 6 Jul 2024
  • 2nd term starts on 8 Sep 2024
  • Half term starts on 12 Oct 2024
  • Half term ends on 19 Oct 2024
  • 2nd term ends on 7 Dec 2024
  • 3rd term starts on 12 Jan 2025
  • Half term starts on 31 Jan 2025
  • Half term ends on 3 Feb 2025
  • 3rd term ends on 8 Mar 2025


Rikkyo School is very conveniently situated, being within easy reach of London. There is a frequent train service from Guildford to Waterloo which takes 35mins. Road communications from London are excellent with the journey taking an average 75 mins. Heathrow International Airport is easily accessible by road. The journey takes about 1 hour.