Title: Invitation to Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing on 26th March

Title: Invitation to Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing on 26th March

This year is the 50th anniversary of Rikkyo School in England.
As part of our celebration, we launched a Rikkyo Educational and Cultural Centre in our school, to provide opportunities to share Japanese culture with local communities.

As the first event, we would like to invite any of you to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Viewing event on Saturday 26th March.
This is a traditional Japanese seasonal event, called HANAMI to enjoy Japanese lunch boxes under cherry blossom trees.

For more information, please see the attached file below.
*This is a ticket only event, so please make sure to fill in the booking form by Tuesday 15th March, which is available from the QR code on the advertisement or the URL below.

We are looking forward to seeing you on our beautiful campus.

Booking Form:https://forms.gle/B9UTyeLDkJFMMsbo8

—– Authentic Japanese Lunch Box —–
*Please note that the content is subject to change without notice.
*There is a vegetarian option.

young yellow tail marinated in miso
duck loin
karaage fried chicken
vegetable tempura
Japanese omelette
fried aubergine marinated in Japanese dashi stock
boiled spinach marinated in Japanese dashi stock
kimpira burdock root shimmered in sweetened soy sauce
dried mooli radish
inari sushi in fried tofu wrap
salmon roll
eel inside out roll
cherry blossom mochi