Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ⑤

Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ⑤ Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ⑤

“夏期休暇中に英国で行われたUCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023に本校からも4名の生徒が参加しました。

Report about Stay at UCL
July 27th, 2023

Talks about scholarship spoken by the Embassy of Japan & the Japan Society,

Group work at IOE, and the London Borough of Camden event

Today marked an unforgettable day for me at the Institute of Education (IOE). The atmosphere was vibrant as students engaged in group work to prepare for their presentations while learning useful expressions to facilitate efficient collaboration. The discussions on social issues were intense and lively, almost as if inviting a series of miracles to unfold. One such miracle was the Global Round of the World Scholar’s Cup 2023, an academic competition involving exams, debates, and global discussions. This event had been on my mind for years, especially since some of my former students participated in it and eventually won a rewarding opportunity to study at Yale. While I couldn’t accompany them back then due to my schedule, I seized the chance to personally express my gratitude to the WSC committee members at IOE, my alma mater. It was a heartwarming moment. Another stroke of luck came when I bumped into Paran Amos, a distinguished professor I deeply admired, at the café in IOE. He enlightened me on the importance of materials development and fundamental teaching methods, which greatly influenced how I now organize my classes at Rikkyo School. I was glad to have the opportunity to thank him for his support from two years ago and share my current work in the UK, focusing on second language acquisition and cultural understanding for students. His encouraging response filled me with pride and honor. As if fate was in my favor that day, I coincidentally crossed paths with Li Wei, the director/dean of IOE, while he was walking with some guests. It was rare for someone of his academic stature to have time for an impromptu meeting, but my introduction as a UCL graduate from IOE seemed to strike a chord with him. He smiled kindly and showed genuine interest in my involvement with the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023, as it demonstrated how UCL graduates are making a positive impact on the education of the younger generation. I felt honored by his encouraging comments. Lastly, my students and I had the privilege of meeting Cllr Nazma Rahman, the Mayor of Camden, who shared insights into the town’s development and its potential for future success. Her talk and the inclusive town development designs were so realistic that our students were inspired, feeling a sense of high potential for their own projects. This visit to IOE in London provided us with an invaluable opportunity that surpassed our usual days in Japan and Rudgwick. While reading books and watching lectures on YouTube can broaden our knowledge, encounters with influential individuals like Paran Amos and Li Wei serve as great motivation to study further and live a fruitful life. Overall, the day was filled with remarkable experiences that reminded me of the profound impact that fortuitous encounters can have on our educational journeys. I wish my students could feel the same way.”