Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ②

Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ② Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ② Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ② Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ②

“夏期休暇中に英国で行われたUCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023に本校からも4名の生徒が参加しました。

Report about Stay at Cambridge
July 24th, 2023

Welcome talk & Writing an Official Signature

In the opening ceremony, the distinguished Sir Laurie Bristow KCMG, President of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, marked the official commencement of the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 with his signature. A former British diplomat, Sir Laurie focused his insightful talk on the UK’s diplomatic actions in the war-torn zone of Afghanistan, though fully considering the diverse array of cultures involved. This topic is both sensitive and political, making his perspective all the more valuable. The audience was privileged to hear his personal experiences from that time, particularly when he expressed a feeling of loneliness. The significance of this sentiment was not lost on the attendees, and many of us were curious to understand its deeper meaning. Nonetheless, we patiently waited as numerous students eagerly raised their hands to ask questions, displaying their genuine curiosity and enthusiasm. Among the participants were Rikkyo students, who were encouraged to prepare questions but seemed somewhat reserved in doing so. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was one of open engagement and appreciation for the valuable insights shared by Sir Laurie Bristow.

Following the welcome talk, Dr. Pete Dudley, a Governing Body Fellow of Hughes Hall and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the prestigious University of Cambridge, expertly led the post-talk discussion activities. His thought-provoking question on whether diplomatic decision-making should take precedence over cultural considerations ignited a vibrant and engaging conversation among the participants. They eagerly shared and debated their perspectives, resulting in a lively and dynamic exchange of ideas. Finally, the participants thoughtfully summarized their answers, culminating in a truly enriching experience for all involved.

Academic Lectures at Cambridge

After a satisfying lunch at Hughes Hall, we returned to Robinson College for a captivating series of academic lectures delivered by esteemed Cambridge lecturers. These intensive lectures revolved around the theme of “”Resilience”” and covered a diverse range of topics, from applications of robotics by Dr. Ishida in Engineering to air pollution toxicology discussed by Dr. Emirali from the MRC Toxicology Unit. Dr. Roughley from Archaeology shared insights on personal resilience, while Dr. Flipo from the Welding Institute explored developing a resilient mind and body through Aikido and Chado. It’s evident that such a profound theme can be best tackled in an interdisciplinary manner. Throughout the enlightening 5-hour lectures, some of the Rikkyo students displayed commendable courage by actively participating and asking thought-provoking questions. Witnessing their growth and enthusiasm made me genuinely happy.

Night Academic Sessions

Following a delightful dinner, a night academic session commenced, featuring Japanese researchers at Cambridge. Eleven researchers, predominantly specializing in science and medicine, passionately shared their research and its impact on society. The audience was captivated by their engaging talks, and the researchers were divided into groups, allowing participants to directly interact and inquire about their research or concerns for the future. Despite the late hour, the participants attentively listened and engaged with each researcher. One particular moment that left a lasting impression was when a researcher shared his experience of stepping out of his comfort zone with the support of his teacher, in response to a student’s question about studying abroad. This reminded me of the immense influence that teachers and mentors have on their students, often encouraging them to explore new paths they may not have considered before. To put it in a nutshell, providing opportunities for students to interact with knowledgeable and experienced individuals is crucial for broadening their horizons. This kind of mentorship and guidance can empower students to embrace new challenges and open doors to uncharted territories, ultimately fostering resilience and personal growth.”