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Day 4 of our PGL experience was a full adventure activity day.

After breakfast the groups tried abseiling. The PGL instructor taught the students how to put on a safety harness and gave instructions on how to descend the tower safely. The students encouraged and supported each other and successfully completed this difficult challenge. In the next session, the students worked together to create a floating raft out of plastic barrels, logs and rope. After building the raft they took it out onto the lake to test how well it floated. This activity showed great teamwork and the students worked together to row the boat and not fall off and into the water!!

After lunch, the students had an archery session. The students used their previous experience from this activity and successfully hit the target many times showing great technique and skill. The final activity session was the Giant Swing; this activity was thrilling and good fun and felt like a theme park attraction.

Today the students embraced many different challenges, supported and encouraged each other and developed new skills. Well done everybody!!