A whole-term study at Collyer’s College, Horsham 〈Student’s Report 2 〉

A whole-term study at Collyer’s College, Horsham  〈Student’s Report 2 〉

We have had another student’s final report about a whole-term study at Collyer’s College:

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After Collyer’s college life

I spent about four months here in the second semester term during my study abroad. I didn’t have confidence in myself because I did not understand English at all while I was staying at the Rikkyo school in England. People around me were always good at English. In order to change myself, I strongly wanted to concentrate and study in an environment where I was surrounded was English. This is the reason why I entered this program. I experienced many things during a short time so there is not enough space to write about everything in this page.
I am going to write this report to describe the warmth and kindness of the people I felt was particularly strong. In addition, I felt how important it is to have a vision for the future.
At first, I was often confused by the unfamiliar environment and cultural differences. There were several struggles, for instance I couldn’t make progress with my homework, I felt ill and so on. At that time, people around me supported me in various ways. My friends gave me words of encouragement and invited me to hang out for lunch or go to town. My host family provided me with a lot of British experiences.
In the subjects I took, there were many assignments of writing essays. There was pressure to manage my free time and complete essays in English, which was still unfamiliar to me. But my teacher always praised me and that made me confident and motivated to study hard. I felt more and more that I would like to be able to talk fluently with my friends and understand lessons in more detail. I felt happy in this college life and had hope, thanks to the kindness and warmth of everyone who encouraged me. Classmates who became friends during this period, teachers, host family, my family and Rikkyo school’s friends and teachers. They warmly watched over me. I really appreciate everyone. I was able to realize that the warmth and tenderness of people are the core of an important heart that gives hope and motivation.
Also I felt that many of the friends I met during this period had a strong self and were able to manage themselves. Everyone talked about the future with shinning eyes and had a wide vision of the future. I was stimulated to think more about my own future because everyone around me was studying seriously. This environment inspired me and from now on, I would like to set a new goal and move forward with that goal every day. One of my goals is to be warm and kind and to be able to talk about the future with shining eyes.